New Line of 14Kt White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Rings

We’ve been working on this project for what seems like the whole year and finally it is live! A beautiful new line of solid (and rather hefty) 14Kt White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Rings. The main reason it took so long to get this project finished was trying to find the perfect Tanzanite gemstones to fit the ring mountings. It took some time but was well worth it in the end. All of these Tanzanite are just gorgeous with a super rich purply-blue hue and great sparkle, and each one is just a little different in color to make each one unique.

We also finished a line of IGI Certified 14Kt White Gold Solitaire Diamond Rings in several diamond sizes. To go with the Solitaire Rings, we also added a few pairs of White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings in a few diamond sizes.

In other news, the new Halo Gemstone Sterling Silver Rings previously mentioned here have arrived and are off to the photographer along with a few Opal Sterling Silver stud earrings and an awesome new line of White Gold Double Sided Checkerboard Gemstone Frame-less and Framed Fishhook earrings. We are super excited for the new gems to come and should be available soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

Here are a few of the new Rings and Earrings:

3.26 cts Pear Shape Tanzanite Diamond Ring in 14Kt White Gold Size 7 R61926 5.30 cts Trillion Cut Tanzanite Diamond Ring in 14Kt White Gold Size 7 R61960 6.57 cts Oval Shape Tanzanite Diamond Ring in 14Kt White Gold Size 6.5 R6196214Kt White Gold Diamond Earrings 14Kt White Gold Diamond Solitaire Size 6 Ring, IGI Certified