Sneak Peak at Some New Rings

For the few of you who actually see our blog, I figured I’d share a little sneak peak at a few of the new custom designed Sterling Silver Gemstone rings we have been working on. We created the designs from scratch, feeding off some of our favorite popular styles out there and then we combined, enlarged and tweaked them to fit our idea.

So here we are: 11mm Trillion, 11mm Round, 11mm Heart, 11mm Cushion, 14 x 7mm Marquise and 14 x 10mm Oval. These will be available in several colors and of course the standard sizes 5 to 9 as usual. We will have a variety of Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Swiss Blue Topaz, Alexandrite, Citrine, Green Amethyst (Prasiolite), Purple Amethyst, Ruby, Pink Sapphire, Yellow CZ and Padparadscha Red Sapphire. All designs will not be available in all gemstones. However, all six designs will be made in the first five, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Swiss Blue Topaz, Alexandrite and Citrine. As you can see from the Emerald prototypes below, the color is just amazing with these big stones! We’ve just placed the final production order so if we’re lucky they might be in by the Holidays.

On a side note, I’ve been doing some experimenting with DIY coloring of Titanium by anodizing. Pretty interesting stuff. Hopefully I can put together a post on it here sometime next week. I’m no expert but I’ll share what I’ve learned.

Have a great weekend

R2913 R2914 R2915 R2916 R2917 R2934


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